About Makerlogy

EDU360 Academy

Makerlogy is an initiative by EDU360 Academy. EDU360 Academy is a multi-award winning academy established since 2009. EDU360 Academy has acquired Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) endorsement as Malaysia Digital Hub. Founded in 2009, EDU360 Academy has taught and empowered over 1000 young students with our courses in coding, animation, robotics and electronics. Over the years, EDU360 Academy students won numerous awards in National Robotics Competition (NRC) and FIRST Lego League (FLL) in Malaysia.
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About Makerlogy Maker School

Makerlogy Maker School is an online school system introduced by EDU360 Academy. It is a virtual school where coaches conducts their classes online to empower young students in various courses of coding, art, design, robotics, animation and electronics. As we are in the era of Computational Science and the 4th Industrial Revolution, we need to properly prepare our children so that they can excel in the future, rather a creative learner of various skills which allows them to be a digital producer, instead of a user. Maker School offers learning programme for the children to get ready for their future and train them to be a digital producer.

Our Vision and Mission

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All children are creatively equipped with digital literacy and computational thinking skills
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  • Reversing the declining interest of children in STEM education
  • To ensure kids have relevant skills for the digital working world

Maker School's Feature

makerlogy points reward

360Maker Points Reward

360Maker Points Reward

  • Points reward system to encourage the students to be actively engaging in the class
  • Redeem amazing price with the points earned from the class
makerlogy structured syllabus

Structured Syllabus

Structured Syllabus

  • Our course syllabus are created and organized specifically for the students to match their skill level
  • Students will be learning progressively from beginner level to senior level in the course
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Long Term Learning

Long Term Learning

  • We break down the program into a long term learning process for students
  • Students will be able to progress steadily and keep up in our course

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